Saturday, October 1, 2016

Say CHEEEEEESE for Cheesecake!

 OH.  MY.  GOODNESSS!  This cheese cake is SO good!  Have you seen the recipe where people wrap an Oreo with chocolate chip cookie dough.  The cookie recipe is awesome.  This is a cheese cake that plays off that idea.  It's really simple and really good. It's super rich so small servings are plenty.  The hubby and I liked it (a little too much) and so did some friends at work.  I also like the fact that I can make this the night before if I'm planning a dinner so there is less to do the day of an event.

Chocolate Chip Oreo Cheesecake
1  16 oz. pkg. refrigerated cookie dough
16  Oreos, plus 4 more crushed for topping
2  8-oz bars cream cheese, softened
1/2 c. sugar
2  large eggs
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
pinch of salt
Caramel topping

Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Line an 8-x-8" baking dish with parchment paper or aluminum foil leaving hanging over the rim. Press cookie dough into bottom of baking dish.  Top with a layer of Oreos (break them up to form a single layer). Set aside.  Make cheesecake layer: In a medium bowl using a handheld mixer or stand mixer using the paddle attachment, beat cream cheese, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, and salt.  Pour over Oreo layer and smooth top.  Top with more crushed Oreos and bake until the center is only a little jiggly, 35-40 minutes.  Refrigerate until chilled, about 3 hours or overnight.  Remove cheesecake bars from baking dish by lifting it out by the parchment paper or foil and slice into squares.  Drizzle the top of the chilled cheesecake with caramel and serve.

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